“May all study the Word of Buddha in their own language.” Shakyamuni Buddha in Pali Vinaya


Publications of Sacred Words that bring forth an understanding of their profound meaning

Campana y instrumentos de practica del Budismo

Shabda Edicions is a non-profit association that aims to provide students and practitioners of Dharma Buddhist books and texts, as well as practical materials of Tibetan Buddhism in general, and especially, of the Ripa Lineage of Buddhism Tibetan Nyingma, in the Spanish and Catalan languages.

In addition, the understanding that the Holy Word is diverse in its manifestations will also include sacred texts from other spiritual traditions.

Our commitment is also to help bring wisdom to society by promoting healthy habits, creativity and inspiration, and specifically in children’s education issues, the healing and management of businesses, tools that, permeated with the highest values of humanity, help us lead us into an enlightened society.

A beautiful team of people working at your service.

The White Shell

Represents the sound of the Dharma, the sound aspect of the Words of Truth, of Wisdom, of the spiritual teachings that arise from emptiness. White represents the original purity.

The Blue Lotus

The lotus emerges from the purity of the mind and the heart and manifests as compassion and all the Perfect qualities. The blue color refers the essence of voidness.